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Praise for SHINE Through Your Story

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“Have you ever felt like your story isn’t worth sharing or that you aren’t able to tell it in a compelling way? 'SHINE Through Your Story' will convince you otherwise. God has created each one of us in His image, and since He is the ultimate Creator. He has shared that creativity with all of us. Michelle will show you how to make sure your light is shining bright!”
Jordan Raynor
Bestselling Author of The Creator in You and Called to Create
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“One of the major themes of my books is that your stories matter! 'In SHINE Through Your Story,' Michelle Prince shares a formula to help you identify your purpose, ignite your light and shine through your story for God’s glory.” 
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"The most powerful story in the world is the story you tell yourself. Why? Because the story you tell yourself either limits or unleashes your ability to SHINE and impact others for good. Read 'SHINE Through Your Story' today—someone is desperately waiting to hear your story, and Michelle Prince shows you WHY your story is so important and HOW to share it!"

Tom Ziglar
CEO, Ziglar Inc., Proud Son of Zig Ziglar
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“When Michelle Prince walks into a room, the atmosphere changes. She is not only beautiful, but warm, gracious, kind, and very intelligent. I am so excited about her new book 'SHINE Through Your Story'. She has a way of encouraging and inspiring you. So many people give up on their dreams and begin to doubt their calling and purpose. Michelle shares how we all are important and challenges us to tell our story. Your story matters, and someone needs to hear it. God has given you a platform and an influence that are unique to you. This book is going to be a bestseller, and you will be transformed by reading it. I am honored to call Michelle Prince my friend."
Judy pogue
co-founder pogue construction, co-founder pogue missions
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“I’ve read no more convincing persuasion as it relates to writing and publishing your story for the good of others than 'SHINE Through Your Story'. Michelle Prince’s book is written as she speaks: in a conversational and honestly transparent style. Whether you’ve ever even considered writing your story—or if you simply need a gentle nudge to do so—this book will be your deciding factor. Enjoy the write!!!”
Laurie Magers
Executive Assistant to Zig and Tom Ziglar
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“Even though I have known Michelle for many years, as I read this book, I found myself truly inspired. I laughed. I cried. And I cheered as Michelle shares with others how to SHINE! I can’t wait to get my signed copy!”
Howard Partridge
President, Phenomenal Products, Inc.
"In SHINE Through Your Story, Michelle makes a compelling case for the power of our stories to transform lives. I love how she equips you with the foundational tools to help you discover and share your own story, while simultaneously modeling it by sharing hers. Don’t casually read this book. Let it ignite you as you encounter God’s goodness on the pages within it.
Shae Bynes
Co-Founder of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur and Author of Grace Over Grind
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“Michelle’s passion and purpose SHINE through in this amazing book. With step-by-step guiding points to help you find your passion and ample encouragement to help you share those gifts through your story, this book is an exceptional tool to use and give to those you care for. I’m so excited to see how many lives are positively impacted by this heartfelt and power-packed book. Thank you, Michelle!”

Cheri Perry
MVP Director, TMC
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“It can be difficult to believe your story matters when your experiences are filled with shame. However, the reality is your darkest moments can be the light of hope for others to realize their stories matter too. 'SHINE Through Your Story' equips you to turn your most difficult life experiences into your greatest life purpose.”
LeTesha Wheeler
Author, Half Breed – Finding Unity in a Divided World

“I’ve known Michelle Prince for over 20 years, and in every book, interaction, and engagement, she gives her heart and her all to help others realize their goals. SHINE Through Your Story is a blueprint to help move you from fear to purpose as you share your story to bring God glory! I believe this is Michelle’s most transparent and poignant work to date. I hope every believer will get their hands on this book to help us spread the good news around the world!”


Jill Hellwig
Founder/CEO Brand New U Coaching, Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer & Coach,
Author of Grow with Goals and Co-Author of When Women Reign

“The world is full of darkness and desperately needs people born of the Light to shine theirs for others, but too many have become comfortable sitting on their couches, binging Netflix. Michelle’s timely words will awaken sleeping giants to recognize the seeds of greatness planted in them. Reading her book makes you want to get up and take action with a renewed sense of purpose. Her practical formula and personal stories provide the road map to greatness. Let Revival begin within the hearts of each person who reads this book.”

Kim Gilson
Writer, Teacher, Speaker
Excellivate, “Activating the Excellence in You”

“Michelle’s vulnerable and heartfelt message of helping others shine through telling their stories “shines” through this book, SHINE Through Your Story. Using her own story of insecurity and questioning what she has to offer, which many women struggle with, she provided the backdrop of how God used her and her story to help thousands of others tell theirs. This book will help you decide to tell your story and let God shine through you.”

Tanya Hendrix
Lawyer and Author of Equal Protection Under God and Seen

“SHINE Through Your Story can open the door of your faith, reignite it and possibly open the door to a new career path. My precious dad sadly passed away before the book was launched. Learning through Michelle’s book and Zig Ziglar’s teachings has helped me a lot. Let us all show love while we can.”

C. Rampellini & Family

“This book is changing my life and perspective! The refreshing sense of hope and purpose you create in the book is helping to reignite my passion for sharing my story and is shifting my thinking exponentially. Thank you!”

Gary Wilkin
Founder of My Retirement Mission

“I needed to read this book for so many reasons. It touched my soul and I am so grateful and honored to know you, Michelle. This book is a gift and so are you! Thank you for sharing your story and for motivating, inspiring, and encouraging me and so many others.”

Joanie Bily
Chief Workforce Analyst, Employbridge and Author of Dive In D.E.E.P.

“If you have ever wanted to write a book, you must start by reading this book! Michellehas shared her life story and given us precise details on how to begin writing your story. I have followed Michelle for 8 years and have been to several of her Book Bound conferences. She is genuinely passionate in her approach, motivation, and love of helping others! SHINE Through Your Story will be a bestseller!”

Kathryn M Pistoresi
Founder/CEO of Physique Fitness Therapy
Author of 20 Minutes to Live

“The timing of the release of Michelle Prince’s highly anticipated next book, SHINE Through Your Story, could not be better. Currently, there are many challenging issues in our world. Michelle’s well-thought-out book is absolutely refreshing and inspiring. Her message and methods for finding one’s own story are clearly communicated with exercises to guide the reader. I have known Michelle as a motivational speaker, writer, and publisher with a sincere and knowledgeable approach. Michelle has carved out a unique niche for herself. Although she has worked with some of the best in the business, she is a motivator for a new day, relying on the BEST expert of all, God Almighty, for her direction and guidance. I am honored to have received an advanced copy to read and to have as a resource in my own personal library.”


Mary Yana Burau
CEO of and
Author of It’s a Great Day To…Gather Around a Table